Friday, April 1, 2011

Where is the XCode 4 build directory?

In all previous versions, XCode used to create a build directory inside the project folder and the executables were saved in that location.

However, XCode 4 changed all that.
Infact, I spent quite sometime searching for my executables.
XCode 4 uses the derived data location for storing your builds by default.

Just click on the XCode menu on the top bar, and select Preferences -> Locations tab.
Here under build location, you can see the default setting selected as "place build products in derived data location (recommended)".

And if you check the "Derived Data Location" section of this tab you will see the default location is /Users/..../Library/Developer/XCode/DerivedData.
You will see a small arrow next to this path and clicking on it takes you directly to this location and voila there is your build directory!


  1. Thanks!!! This article helped me allot. I thought I was going crazy here not being able to find my build. Then with all my searching, I could not find anything until I ran across your article. Thanks again!!!

  2. Thanks..this s cool